Annual Meeting – June 13th

Our exciting Home Owners Annual Board Meeting will be occurring on Thursday, June 13th at 6:45 pm at the Teachers’ Auditorium in the Palm Harbor University High School. For any owners, they will receive the information on this meeting through the mail. You may also see more info on the Facebook page invitation.

Please come to hear what has been accomplished over the past year along with what is planned for 2019-2020 from President Mike. Treasurer Lisa will also give a presentation on her work.

As you may remember, the following are some of the items accomplished:

  • The trees in the park have all been trimmed back. It was well needed after Hurricane Irma. Low hanging and broken limbs were becoming too dangerous to avoid.
  • The lights in the entry on Alderman are now working. It looks great!
  • The broken basketball backboard to be replaced within a week or so.
  • The ants in the park have been treated by HOA teams.
  • Our party to paint the wood fencing at the entry to the Park made the entry look nice and clean. Thank you to everyone who helped!
  • Two of our HOA team members repainted the Hidden Lake sign at the entry to the park. Looks gooood!!
  • Park equipment has been pressure washed and the picnic tables painted by Volunteers.
  • THIS website! HIDDENLAKEHOA.COM website was completely updated. It looks fantastic! We hope it to be very user-friendly for everyone. Please check here and you can sign up for weekly updates.
  • Please do come to the meeting to learn more about what the HOA accomplished for all of us!!
Palm Harbor University High School

In the photo above, our meeting will be in the Teachers’ Auditorium at the Palm Harbor University High School – the circle to the right.

If you cannot come, please drop off the paperwork with the proxy, as well as the Feedback & Input page, to the President or the Treasurer.

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