NOTICE – November 2023

Hidden Lake Information

November 16, 2023

Dear Neighbor,

We, the HOA board, have noticed an increase in vandalism over the last few weeks in our neighborhood.

The following events occurred:

  • The swing bench at the lake has been purposely broken, and time and money has been spent for fixing it.
  • The recently replaced ‘indestructible’ backboard of the basketball hoop was found broken as well, and we are in the process of replacing it again.
  • Children from the neighborhood dug a hole at the entrance to the park to use as a bicycle ramp. They have been asked to stop several times, but the problem continues.
  • We’ve had a few minor instances of arson in the park:
    • Most recently, some children built and lit a fire pit on the hill near the lake.  Fortunately, one of our board members was able to stop the fire pit.  This is a very dangerous problem due to the risk of starting a wildfire. 
    • Then a few days later, a flag was being burned that damaged the sprinkler valve box.  It will need to be repaired at a cost to the HOA members.

We would like to remind our community that respecting the park and the safety of our children is everyone’s responsibility, and our top priority is to make sure that we all feel safe and comfortable using the park. 

Please reach out to any Board member with questions. You can find phone numbers on the website. 

Thank you for your understanding,


Hidden Lake Board of Directors

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