We have accumulated many photos of our Hidden Lake area from people that live here now or did at one point in time.

**Please remember that photos have been donated to us, so please do not utilize them without contacting the photographer to see if they would approve for you to use them for something else.**

from Gail Anderson

Below please click on any of the photos to view a larger picture. And comments are welcome!

2 thoughts on “Photography

  1. I am getting tired of seeing people conducting Businesses out of their Garages here in the development. A case in point is the Home located at Lot G14, 1152 Northridge Dr. They have installed a Driveway entrance to their back yard, the Fence has a double-wide gate, to allow trucks and trailers to be stored on a Concrete pad they also installed. I would like to see the Architect Committees’ approval for that Fence. They are now parking jeeps all over the street on both sides of their home which in many cases blocks the view of oncoming traffic. Repairing vehicles in their driveway and conducting business in their garage is against the By-laws Para 19-a,b, e, and f.

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