We like to share some great spots nearby. Below please find links to special areas very close to our community.

Downtown Palm Harbor
Downtown Palm Harbor – And the ocean in the back

Palm Harbor Area

Nearby Parks & Recreation

  • Pinellas Trail – This is a great spot to run, walk, bike, almost anything you would like to do. It is an area that used to be a train trail, and it almost crosses throughout the entire county. It is now for anyone who is feeling sporty or just wants to explore the area.
  • Wall Springs Park – Wonderful spot to walk around and climb up the —— to see out into the ocean. Also, it has a great spot for the kids to play. It was started as a “spa/healing” spot with a spring moving into a pond, then the ocean. This nearby large park is getting even larger. By 2020, they are adding in another 125 acres to the north of the current 84 acres. Read about these additions here.
  • Ozona – While a part of Palm Harbor, Ozona likes to think of it as its own town. They have some pretty shoreline, as well as a small downtown area with some good restaurants.
  • Anderson Park – Just North on US19, you may notice this park to the East. It is a park on the Lake Tarpon. It has a public boat ramp, along with a nice spot for a meal.

Your Yard & Gardening

Feel free to reach out to us if you have a great place for us to add!