Popular Questions

Below are many questions we receive from our neighbors or real estate agents. Please contact us with any other questions.

Who can I ask to get an Estoppel?

Please contact the Treasurer via email for an Estoppel.

When does the trash get picked up?

Our trash is picked up on Tuesday and Friday every week, along with recycling items on Wednesday by Waste Pro. Please do not forget to put your trash cans away! As per the Hidden Lake By-Law committee, Deed Restriction #8 states: “Trash or garbage containers… shall be placed… in walled-in areas or in shrubbed-in areas so that they are not visible from the street or adjoining properties.”

Can we let our dogs loose while walking them or in the park?

Any person owning or in custody of a dog must keep each dog on a leash when the dog is outside of the owner’s lot. Here at Hidden Lake we consider and follow the Pinellas County Code, which states that whoever has leash control of each dog within the subdivision is responsible for animal waste pick-up and proper disposal from all areas, otherwise they will be in violation herein with the possibility of penalties. Read the Pinellas County’s Scoop Poop below for more information.

Scoop the Poop

When are we allowed to water our lawn?

Head on over to the Pinellas County website for details on times when we are allowed to water our lawn. Please note that this includes specific types of water.

To the right is the newest post on the County’s site (2017). They also share a great, detailed PDF with information.

Do homeowners have to pay to live in the Hidden Lake community?

Yes, we do have annual charges that cover our monetary spending. The expense may change annually, so please reach out to the HOA team through Contact to find the current fee.

If we see an alligator in the lake, what should we do?

Most alligators are fine to have in our lake; by this, we mean that it should not be staying there for longer than a few days. Maintain a great distance from any alligators, as they could potentially attack. Please do not feed the alligators anything, as that is illegal. Read more details about alligators on these PDFs:

Can I cut down any trees whenever I want?

It would be better to read this Pinellas County PDF. The county requires a certain amount of trees on each lot, depending on its size.